plfugerville fire department

"Amazing facility, great idea. Big help to me being a terrible swimmer - made me more comfortable."

Daniel B.

travis county ESD

"Excellent facility, excellent training."

Ken M.


"We've never had the opportunity to practice rescues using a real submerged car before."

Michael W.

hawaii national guard

"The facility is amazing and we look forward to all our future training at Fathom."

LTC. Barros

Travis county constable - precinct 2

"Really great training. Instructors were very good. I'm coming back."

Mike J.

Tomball fire department

"Great instructors. This was a great learning environment"

Jon F.

San Angelo Police Department

"5 stars."

Tanner T.

San Angelo fire department

"I learned many skills and we're excited to return for further training."

Cory S.


Travis county dive team

"Every first-responder should have this training."

Greg L.


travis county sherrif's department

"By far some of the best training I've ever received in my 11 years with TCSD."

Tim P.


travis county sherrif's department

"The best training I've ever attended."

Mark K.


houston police department

"Had a great time; very informative. I hope to train at Fathom again in the future"

Nathan S.


city of Austin - health department

"This is an impressive facility, it will save a lot of lives, and there needs to be one in every major city."

Mark C.