"Overall great training! Was good working through the objective then being graded by the instructor, pointing out the goods & bads."

Keith S.

"Really good class to be exposed to in a safe training environment."

Jamie P.


"Amazing facility, great idea. Big help to me being a terrible swimmer - made me more comfortable."

Daniel B.


"Excellent facility, excellent training."

Ken M.


"We've never had the opportunity to practice rescues using a real submerged car before."

Michael W.


"Really great training. Instructors were very good. I'm coming back."

Mike J.


"Great instructors. This was a great learning environment."

Jon F.


"5 stars."

Tanner T.


"I learned many skills and we're excited to return for further training."

Cory S.


"Had a great time; very informative. I hope to train at Fathom again in the future"

Nathan S.


"This is an impressive facility, it will save a lot of lives, and there needs to be one in every major city."

Mark C.