est. 2014


"This is the best class I’ve been to."

Colton S.


"(we) had just undergone swift-water rescue training at Fathom Academy in Texas. We didn't think it would happen so soon," explained Richard Hickmon with the team. "they had complete control of the top currents and it gave us a really good opportunity to learn."

Upson County Fire Dept.

"We were going to go to the river but then I saw the videos. Forget it - this is the only way to train."

Brent A.


Johnny C.

"Overall, great training. Added a useful dimension to water activity that I was lacking."

Rob L.

"Good class. Much more comfortable in the water and feel better about swiftwater events after training."

Travis R.

"Excellent training; competent and professional instructors. Knowledge prior was zero. I now feel confident in SWR scenarios."

Derek T.

"Nice setup. Very well thought out and safety minded design."

Thomas N.

"Beyond expectations"

Chris S.

"Overall great training! Was good working through the objective then being graded by the instructor, pointing out the goods & bads."

Keith S.

"Really good class to be exposed to in a safe training environment."

Jamie P.


"Amazing facility, great idea. Big help to me being a terrible swimmer - made me more comfortable."

Daniel B.


"Excellent facility, excellent training."

Ken M.


"We've never had the opportunity to practice rescues using a real submerged car before."

Michael W.


"Really great training. Instructors were very good. I'm coming back."

Mike J.


"Great instructors. This was a great learning environment."

Jon F.


"5 stars."

Tanner T.


"I learned many skills and we're excited to return for further training."

Cory S.


"Had a great time; very informative. I hope to train at Fathom again in the future"

Nathan S.


"This is an impressive facility, it will save a lot of lives, and there needs to be one in every major city."

Mark C.