Operations Level

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Operations Level


1 day course (8 hours):

Fathom Academy's Operations course provides minimum capabilities for “first on scene” units, providing information on how these individuals should react at a technical rescue incident.

Typically, first responders trained at the operations level do not get in the water, but Fathom Academy's students will be trained in extraction and self-rescue in addition to the typical operations level skills. 

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  • Certified first responder

  • Wetsuit is optional (3mm).

Operations course includes:

  • Introduction to NFPA 1006, 1670, and 1983

  • Incident Command Basics

  • Pre-planning and Site Survey for a flood incident

  • Conducting a Scene Size-up

  • Understanding of basic hydrology

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Search and Rescue

  • Shore-based Rescue (onsite)

  • Ropes & Lines (onsite)

  • Aircraft and Watercraft support (onsite)

  • Urban SAR (onsite)

  • Incident Termination (onsite)

  • Defensive and aggressive swimming techniques (onsite)