Mission Statement

Fathom Academy is dedicated to improving the way swiftwater and flood rescue training is offered around the globe. When our First-Responders are better prepared to fight the good fight, then they stand a better chance of returning home... to you.


  1. We believe training should take place indoors where you can adjust the light and environment, not outdoors on a sunny day because that is not how these rescues look.
  2. we believe training should take place in clean water so that you don't get skin and bacterial infections, not in river and rain water because that's where those infections live now.
  3. we believe training should take place in a safe facility where you can stop the water with emergency stop buttons, because things can go wrong in a river and you can't stop it.
  4. we believe training should take place simulating realistic scenarios with struggling victims, because pulling friends out of the water as they pass by isn't even possible in a swollen river.
  5. we believe training should take place with controllable flow and speed, because training without it has lead to broken bones, stitches, and 5700 missed work days a year (Texas).
  6. we believe training should take place using a repeatable simulation, because training in a  river means a long walk back to the start every time someone makes a mistake.
  7. we believe training should take place whenever you're available, because rivers are subject to drought conditions, are frequently closed, and don't allow cars to be placed in them.
  8. we believe training should take place with less liability, because training in rivers is causing municipalities too much money and is responsible for 20% of worker compensation claims.
  9. We believe training should take place somewhere less expensive than the current going rates, because city management should get what they're  paying for.
  10. We believe training should take place.
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There are select groups of people in this world that deserve the title of Hero; and First-Responders are one of them.  When people risk there lives to rescue others by putting their own safety at risk - they become heroes to us all. Fathom wants to bring awareness to the fact that these heroes deserve our encouragement, compassion, and hope.  Help us show them that we honor their sacrifice and drive by wearing a "We Train Heroes" t-shirt. 



Were you aware that 31% of deaths in swift water rescues were the first-responders themselves? That number is unacceptable to us, and we are going to make certain that it remains unacceptable to everyone. There is a successful campaign that brings awareness to the 69% of swiftwater deaths that involve the greater public at large, and now it is time to bring that same level of awareness to all of those that die trying to save them.  Our goal is to lower that number to zero.