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Lt. Sean Arndt is a Firefighter with the Georgetown Fire Department.  He has also been with the Coast Guard Reserves as a Chief-Retired for 26 years, the Victoria Fire Department as a Firefighter, and the Missouri Army National Guard.  Arndt started his Water Training in Cape May New Jersey in 1992 in Coast Guard Boot Camp, as a Ship Board Rescue swimmer, and has dedicated his life to various water search and rescue disciplines with the Fire Department and the United States Coast Guard. He has performed thousands of rescues in the oceans, lakes, and rivers in the United States and abroad.   Arndt has also developed, designed, and implemented various training programs in the civilian, city, state and Federal Governments with safety and risk assessment being of highest priority.  His certifications include Swift water Instructor, Swift water technician, Fire Fighter Advanced, Fire Officer 1&2, Hazmat Technician, CPR and First Aid Instructor, Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Instructor 1, Tactical Combat Causality Care, and Self Defense Instructor for Emergency Service Personal. Former Coast Guard certifications include, Ship Board Rescue Swimmer, Surface Rescue Swimmer, Surf Rescue swimmer, Boat Search and Rescue Coxswain, Tactical Boat Coxswain, Boat Search and Rescue Crewman, tactical boat crewman,  Federal Maritime Law Enforcement Instructor, Federal Maritime Law enforcement Officer, Tactical Medic, Close Quarters Combat Instructor, Close Quarters Combat Operator,  Mechanical, Thermal Ballistic Breaching Instructor, Training Officer, IONSCAN Instructor,  and Senior Enlisted Reserve Advisor.