C. Barton Bollfrass is a 5th generation Houstonian, businessman, and the Founder of Fathom Academy. He served four years as a US Navy EOD Diver, Sonar technician, and Dolphin / Sea Lion Trainer. In business, his innovations include the first 3D-printing service bureau, the first virtual-reality data analytics company, the first STEM education company for pre-schoolers, and the first indoor swiftwater training tank. He is an American Film Institute Feature Film Award Winner, and is a Recipient of the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Broadcasting for producing a radio program as a teenager. He is an accomplished screenwriter and published children's author. He holds three patents, a Bachelor of Arts in Film, an Associates of Science in Mechanical Design, and is still working on his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


business development

Phillip Puzzo has more than 20 years of tech sales and business development experience. His background in providing high tech solutions at companies such a Dell and Logitech provided the opportunity to work with global businesses in various industries including defense, aerospace, and petroleum. He is a Texas native and graduate of Texas State University where he earned a degree in Environmental Engineering.  After retiring from the tech industry in 2010 he pursued his lifelong dream of owning a bicycle shop. He is the current owner of Texas Cycle Werks and sits on the board of multiple start-ups in Austin.  He is an active member of the Austin small business community where he promotes healthy lifestyle activities including local and state wide racing events.



Dr. Anita Greenberg is an award-winning curriculum designer and educational software developer. Before founding a company that develops educational products to unburden teachers and introduce students to STEM concepts, Dr. Greenberg was part of the lead team for an international educational publishing company, helping shape new standardized assessments. Greenberg designed and implemented a credit recovery program for at-risk students, and as a curriculum developer, she completed curriculum gap analyses to meet state and international standards. One of Dr. Greenberg’s first projects was building and leading a curriculum development team that enabled web based curriculum to compete against traditional curricula. Her team developed 13, nationally used products and won six national educational awards including the coveted EDDIE (2008, 2009 & 2010) and BESSIE (2010) awards.  After earning her bachelors degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Dr. Greenberg moved to Austin, taught and earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from The University of Texas at Austin.

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Dive Operations

Martin Stevens, is retired from the U.S. Army after 21 years of active and reserve duty. The majority of his active duty time was spent as a U.S. Army Engineer Diver progressing through the ranks from a 2nd Class Diver to Salvage Diver and then to a 1st Class Diving Supervisor. His time in the Army dive field involved many projects using SCUBA and Surface Supplied Diving as a diver or supervisor throughout the U.S. and foreign countries. As a diver Stevens attended the U.S. Army Instructor Training Course and subsequently taught the Army Divers rigorous prescreen training course for several years after which he was assigned to instructor duty on a joint assignment at the U.S. Navy’s Underwater Construction School. Prior to Joining the Army Stevens also graduated from the Ocean Corporation Commercial Dive School and worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico as a commercial diver. After retiring from the Army, he returned to commercial diving in the Gulf and worked on many deep air and mixed gas projects. In addition to offshore diving Stevens dove on, or supervised numerous inland infrastructure projects. Before becoming Fathom Academy’s Director of Diving Stevens worked at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab as an international OPITO BOSIET water survival Instructor including Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET).

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Dan Barnhart grew up in the Texas Hill Country and is a graduate of The University of Texas San Antonio with a BBA in General Business. Dan began his early career in the construction industry as a project manager for residential and commercial construction projects. He has served honorably in the US Military for fifteen years. Having served in the Middle East as the Brigade Engineer for the 89th MPs he oversaw the rebuilding of large scale military and civil infrastructure projects in Iraq.  After returning home he transferred to domestic operations in order to hone his skills serving the people of Texas in an emergency response capacity for the last seven years. Specializing in CBRNE response to include being fully trained to coordinate military and civil assets in the event of a large scale man made or natural disaster. Dan was a key member of the Texas National Guard response team for Hurricane Harvey in the summer of 2017. With over 18 years in the business community he has proven himself to be an accomplished asset as an entrepreneur, by applying lessons learned on the battlefield to the business world.