Mission Statement

Fathom Academy is dedicated to improving the lives of our planet's heroes, by improving the way they train.  If we can make all of them better prepared to fight the good fight, then they stand a better chance of returning home... to you.

Photo by tatyana_tomsickova/iStock / Getty Images


In order to build the future, we have to inspire a new generation of humans to go out there and build it.  We have to build people first, and remind them that what they create is not to be placed on a shelf and forgotten, it needs to be fed and nurtured and shared.  Sometimes what we create fails and causes calamity, but that is the cost of growth and innovation.  Fathom is committed to pushing the boundaries of growth and expansion, while simultaneously training for when things go wrong.

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There are select groups of people in this world that deserve the title of Hero; Astronauts and First-Responders are two of them.  When people risk there lives to further the progress of mankind, or to rescue others by putting their own safety at risk - they become heroes to us all. Fathom wants to bring awareness to the fact that these heroes deserve our encouragement, compassion, and hope.  Help us show them that we honor their sacrifice and drive by wearing a "We Train Heroes" t-shirt.



Were you aware that 31% of deaths in swift water rescues were the first-responders themselves? That number is unacceptable to us, and we are going to make certain that it remains unacceptable to everyone. There is a successful campaign that brings awareness to the 69% of swiftwater deaths that involve the greater public at large, and now it is time to bring that same level of awareness to all of those that die trying to save them.  Our goal is to lower that number to zero.